Advanced Treatments in Naperville

Synergy Institute offers Advanced State of the Art Treatments and Techniques in addition to Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Integrative Physical Therapy!  We have so much to offer and can customize our treatment programs to meet each persons individual needs.  We always seek out the most effective treatments!

Read more about the many different treatments we offer!  We also offer onsite Digital X-ray!

  • Spinal Disc Decompression – IDD TherapyTM
    New DISC REPAIR program for chronic back & neck pain sufferers
  • Endermotherapy
    Non-invasive and rehabilitative treatment of the connective tissue
  • Cold Laser
    Advanced Pain relief treatment for inflammation and pain
  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)
    Advanced Pain relief treatment for inflammation and accelerated healing
  • Oxygen Therapy
    Improve oxegen levels in the body for better cellular function and healing
  • ATM-2
    Reduce Back and neck pain by quickly retraining proper muscle function
  • Power Plate
    Used in our Physcal Therapy Programs to recondition muscles and reduce pain
  • Custom Orthotics
    Offering sole support orthotics to give the foot proper support and function
  • Nutrition
    Advanced nutritional protocols to enhance overall health and vitality
  • Pro AdjusterTM
    Gentle Chiropractic adjustment with specialed technology
  • Neurocare for Neuropathy
    Treatment for Neuropathy with Neurocare Neuropathy Treatment.
  • K LaserTM
    Class four therapeutic laser helps alleviate chronic pain and accelerate tissue healing.
  • Ideal Weight Loss
    Scientific weight loss program, quick results with no dangerous drugs or risky surgery.