Attention Naperville Golfers: Find out How You Can Improve Your Swing, Lower Your Handicap, and Play Without Pain!

Is your back , neck, arm, or leg pain ruining your golf game?

It starts out as just a twinge, but by the last 5 holes it becomes unbearable. You’re hesitant to really swing that new driver for all it’s worth – fearing that you’ll injure your back even worse .  Or maybe you’ve had to stop playing golf completely because your back pain and sciatica are so bad.

Sure, you can numb the pain if you take enough Vicodin, Soma or some other pill. But the real problem is while you play through all “numbed up”, you are definitely injuring your back even more….without knowing it.

Friends May Tell You Back Pain Comes From a Bad Swing…They’re Wrong!

If your drives are getting shorter and shorter and your putts less smooth, it has more to do with your back than your swing.

Studies show that about one-third of touring PGA and LPGA players are playing with back pain right now. These pros have the best swing mechanics in the world, yet still have back pain!

In addition to that, another study conducted at the University of Calgary showed… “Pain-free golfers demonstrated over twice as much trunk flexion velocity on the downswing”.

This means the less back pain you have, the more flexible your spine is and the faster you can swing – hitting the ball straighter and farther.

Over the past eleven years Synergy Institute has  helped hundreds of golfer’s in Naperville, Bolingbrook, Plainfield, and Aurora feel better, return to the course and hit longer, straighter shots.  Synergy Institute combines a multidisciplinary approach with advanced pain relieving technology to get pain relief naturally.

Do Any Of These Conditions Affect Your Golf Game?

If the answer is yes then you need to call the Synergy Institute Right away!

Stop letting you pain get in the way of your game and take advantage of our Pain Relief Special.   Don’t put it off any longer, because patients tell me too often…

“I only wished I had found you sooner”

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Golf is a sport that requires your back in every aspect. If you do not address your back pain properly, it can haunt you and force you out of the game.