Chiropractic and Massage for Stress management

Chronic stress can be detrimental to the body. Muscle tightness, fatigue, back pain, neck pain, and tension headaches are some of the symptoms you experience when stressed. With time, your immune system goes down, making your body more vulnerable to diseases. A visit to the chiropractic office can help you relieve these uncomfortable stress symptoms. Besides, regular chiropractic treatment soothes your nervous system, reducing the fight or flight response you might experience when stressed.

The spinal cord acts as a nervous system switchboard. Messages pass through the spinal cord to other body parts. Due to this significant role, chiropractic adjustments can help reduce common symptoms associated with stress.

When you’re stressed, your muscles tend to contract and tense, and sometimes, you may grip your muscles in an unnatural position. For instance, if you’re experiencing chronic stress, you may unknowingly hold your neck on one side. This action creates pressure that eventually weighs on your bones, making them cave and become misaligned.

Combining Chiropractic with Deep Tissue

Stress can make nerves dysfunctional, resulting in sharp pains and numbness in different body parts. Most chiropractic practitioners combine massage and chiropractic adjustments to restore the nervous system functions and relieve body tension by relaxing, stretching and loosening muscles. Once you receive this treatment, your nervous system operates at a high level and can combat any stress that comes your way, whether mental or physical stress.

Moreover, chiropractic treatments and massage release endorphins, which elevate your mood; with a positive mindset and a functional musculoskeletal and nervous system, you can easily thrive through stressful moments.

Posture and Movement

Constant worry and stress can bring about posture issues and improper movements resulting in body misalignment. Whenever you feel stressed out, observe your posture; are you hunching over in a bid to protect yourself from whatever is stressing you? Are you tight and clenched up?
Well, it’s natural to huddle down in protective mode when stressed, but if you notice an abnormal movement, don’t hesitate to reach out to a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment focuses on the nervous system to ensure the impulses traveling between the brain and the body are not impeded by seized or cramped muscles.

Chiropractic techniques are also effective in soothing the fight and flight response, as they trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, hence calming the body and mind. When you reach out to a chiropractor, you will be guided on relaxation tips, including deep breathing and meditation. Exercising these techniques will significantly help you reduce stress over time.

Synergy Institute Acupuncture & Chiropractic can help correct your impediments and restore the optimal physical condition of your body. This will reduce or completely do away with pain as you continue treatment, eventually reducing your physical stress.

No doubt, if you’re weak physically, you can quickly get stressed or even depressed. Likewise, if you’re physically fit, you can easily handle your daily emotional aspects contributing to your stress levels. If you’re stressed, why not visit and book an appointment?

We offer excellent services from massage to chiropractic to relevant information on healthy lifestyles that will help you manage stress.

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