Herniated Disc Treatment in Naperville

Herniated Disc Treatment in Naperville

Stop Suffering From Herniated Disc Pain – Avoid Surgery & Injections

Herniated Disc Treatment Naperville iL – Are you Suffering with Pain From a Herniated Disc or Discs?  Pain From a Herniated Disc Can be excruciating an prevent you from walking, standing or even resting comfortably.  Matter of Fact, it can be down right debilitating.  Many Herniated Disc Suffers can’t even drive themselves anywhere.

Spinal Decompression is a Non Surgical Treatment for Herniated Discs.

If this sounds like you or someone you know,  then you need to consider Spinal Decompression.  Spinal Decompression is a proven non surgical alternative for surgery and more invasive procedures.  It actually targets the cause of a herniated disc not just cover it up.

Reduce The Pressure on The Disc & Nerves

Herniated Discs can be the result of an acute injury or they can be the product of degenerative disc disease.  Either way the disc is injured and the compression is causing the disc to bulge and causes material in the disc to push out into the spinal canal and pinch nerves.  This is what causes the pain.

Spinal Decompression is a gentle treatment that helps to stretch and open up this disc space allowing less pressure on the disc.  With less pressure on the disc the disc can begin to heal and not put so much pressure on the nerves.  Less pressure on nerves means less pain!

Relief as Soon as First Spinal Decompression Session

Many disc problem suffers feel some relief even after the first session.  It can be slight but for how sever the pain is for a dic problem this can be significant.  Spinal Decompression is a process initially 3-5 sessions per week are recommended depending on the severity of the case.

Advanced Therapies for Herniated Discs at Naperville Back Pain Clinic

We also offer some adjustive therapies like K Laser, Acupuncture, Muscle Stim, to help relax muscle spasm, prevent soreness, and reduce pain and inflammation.  Our Disc Herniation Protocol has helped many patients prevent more invasive procedures and surgeries.

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