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Chiropractic Care moved into the national spotlight last month when Dr Phil did a special featuring Dr Fabrizio Mancini, DC.  Dr Mancini is the president of Parker College of Chiropractic and author of a new book about natural healing.

During the special, Dr Mancini discussed Chiropractic and it’s place in wellness care and healing naturally.  Dr Phil even revealed that he has been under Chiropractic Care for ten years and continues regular chiropractic check ups as part of his wellness plan.

Chiropractic Care is more than just back and neck pain care, it is also a way to keep your body functioning at its best so you can stay healthy.  Many of my patients think of Chiropractic Care only as a way to reduce pain and when their pain goes away they don’t think they need any more care.  In some cases, these patients will eventually return because the same daily stressors are present and in time will cause the same problem to return or perhaps a new problem will result.   Think of the thinks your body is subject to every day.

Ask your self these questions…

  • Do you have a poor diet?
  • Do you drink enough water?
  • Do you smoke or ingest other toxic substances?
  • Do you exercise regularly and properly?
  • Do you stretch daily?
  • Do you lift incorrectly or have repetitive stress?

The list goes on and on!  All of these daily stresses can affect your muscles and spinal alignment.  If you don’t have regular check ups, the spine can become overwhelmed and not function the way it was designed to work.  When the spine becomes misaligned and doesn’t  move efficiently, it can begin to put pressure on the nerves which can result in interference in the nervous system.

The body depends of the correct messages from the nervous system, that is why it is so critical to keep your spine healthy and functioning efficiently.  Chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle can help you feel better and stay active.

Watch The Episode Hear to Find Out Why you need to find a family chiropractor Today!

Dr Phil recommends that you find a local Chiropractor that can help you and your family get and stay well.  The Synergy Institute is here to help you.  We combine Chiropractic Care with advanced pain relief treatments to help people heal from all kinds of conditions like, back painneck pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, tmj, and much more.

Not only are we trained to work with many different conditions, but our professional chiropractors also have experience with family wellness care.

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